Fundraiser Making Cashless Trip From Scotland To Scilly

Would you be prepared to be left penniless at John O’Groats and be expected to find your way home to Scilly?

That’s what Mark Pennells will have to do on Saturday. He’s travelling from the top of Scotland to our islands to raise £85,000 for the Innervation Trust.

It’s a Christian charity that creates and develops music in schools.

Mark says “The Seriously Scilly Challenge” was dreamt up in meeting in the spring but now the reality of it has dawned on him, that he’s going to be dumped in John O’Groats with nothing but the clothes he’s standing in.

He knows the islands as he’s been here before and he’s hopeful that islanders and people throughout the country will offer him freebies so he can complete the cashless trip. He hopes he’ll be able to blag some stylish clothes on the way down but says he may arrive looking unkempt after sleeping in a few barns.

Mark told us he’s hoping to complete the trip in a few days but admits he has no idea how long it will take and says he’d like to see if he can secure a stay when he gets here too.

You can sponsor him through the Innervation Trust website.