Tourism Head Says Residents Should Promote Scilly More

Julian Pearce

More could be done to promote the positive aspects of Scilly to visitors.

Julian Pearce, who heads up the Tourism dept, says his team has received praise from holidaymakers impressed by businesses that have excelled in customer care and attention to detail. And he feels all islanders are reliant on tourism to some extent so all residents should take some collective responsibility.

Julian wants all islanders to consider how important tourism is and how we should present a good impression of Scilly because everyone is reliant on visitors, whether they work in the sector or not. He says everything from the level of healthcare provision, to the number of banks and retail premises is dependent on a high level of tourism.

From Radio Scilly

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He’d like businesses and individuals to go the extra mile in caring for their premises or providing customer service because visitors notice. One visitor wrote to say how impressed they were by a worker from a local pub cleaning up outside with a dustpan and brush.

Julian says he’d like people to think about the islands as a whole and try to promote the benefits of Scilly as a single destination. He says people here tend to look at the islands individually but he says they’re all interlinked economically.

And while there has been a lot of concern about the downturn in the mainland economy, Julian feels this season has been no better or worse than 2010 in terms of visitor numbers.