Parents Unhappy About School Access Changes

Trench Lane

Some parents say they are unhappy that plans to ensure safe pedestrian access to the new school could be dropped.

The problem surrounds the use of Trench Lane as part of the route. A meeting between the school project team and Neville Gardner, the Council’s Chief Technical Officer, heard concerns that the street is private and there could be issues about insurance and liabilities.

In the last month, a sign highlighting the private status of the lane has appeared on a fence post.

PTA chair Helen Glenn was against the removal of the planning condition. She says she doesn’t want the kids to walk along the busier main road and claims the track across the water meadow is a commonsense answer. She can’t believe that the insurance problem cannot be overcome.

Site of proposed path accross the Watermeadow

Richard Mills says he doesn’t understand the access issues as the road leads to the Lower Moors wildlife walk away. He wants the path established as waves overtop the seafront in gales. If the path plan is dropped, he wants traffic calming measures in the road.

Craig Dryden, Chief Planning Officer, told Radio Scilly he hasn’t decided whether to recommend removing the requirement.

Whatever his guidance, Councillors will decide whether to back or reject the path building obligation at the planning meeting next week.