Five Islands School Unlikely To Become Academy Immediately

New Five Islands School, due to open in September

The new Five Islands School isn’t likely to apply for academy status at this stage, according to headteacher, Bryce Wilby.

The Government is keen for schools to opt-out of local education authority control so they can look after their own funding and direction and recently, the Bishop of Oxford said he expected many church schools, such as the Five Islands School, to leave local authority control to become academies.

Bryce says the school needs to think carefully about what is right for the pupils and the local community before making a decision. He says there are no real financial benefits, but the school would be released from some of the constraints of the national curriculum.

Opponents of the Government plans argue that Scilly’s case is different, as we have only one school, operating on four bases across the islands, and most of the money paid to the local education authority goes directly into the school, which is not the case in most mainland counties.

Bryce says the decision will be made in an open way. He’s already invited the teaching unions over for a discussion with the governors to help inform them of the pros and cons of academy status.