Bats Found At Island Hall Site On St Agnes

Mike and Ann Gurr of the Scilly Bat Group

For the first time in the four years of surveying proposed building sites for bats, the mammals have been found. There’s a roost in the Island Hall on St Agnes.

Planning permission is being sought to develop a community space and flexible business work units at the site and, as bats are a protected species, work can be prevented or delayed until they are taken care of.

Mike and Ann Gurr from the Scilly Bat Group say that this is the first documented roost on St Agnes but they learned of more from local residents as they were monitoring the site.

From Radio Scilly

Hear an update from the Scilly Bat group

Mike says they observed the bats overnight with an expert from Cornwall Bat Group. He says he thinks that, in this instance, the applicants can work around them as they are not in the part the building that will see most of the construction work.