Bard Of Seaton Performs On St Martin’s

Around 80 islanders and visitors have heard the first local performance of a folk song that reflects a regular visitors’ feelings about our islands.

Ted Dowse, known as The Bard of Seaton, was encouraged to sing by his friends, the Mortons, on St Martin’s to raise cash for the RNLI. Their friendship goes back to the days when they lived on the mainland.

From Radio Scilly

Hear Ted talking about his music

Ted’s song about Scilly

Ted says he first visited Scilly in 1979 and has been coming ever since. He describes the islands as paradise and he’s been trying to write a song about Scilly for two years with little success, but now feels it’s “finally come together.”

Ted lives in East Devon where he has a loyal following and regularly sings in local venues.