AONB Backs Solar Panel Applications

The AONB planning committee, that offers their views on the impact of development decisions on the local conservation area or economy, has backed all recent applications for solar photovoltaic panels.

They can’t find any problems with the plan to put them on the Telegraph reservoir and although they would be visible from the Telegraph tower, a listed building, they feel the reservoir has no aesthetic value.

They’ve also offered no objection to the plan to place panels on the roof of Annet Farm barn on St Agnes.

A larger installation of numerous panels, a solar garden, at Lawrence’s Bay on St Martin’s split opinion on our Facebook page. Pete Hicks said it would be an eyesore but Peter Smith believes what it represents outweighs what it would look like.

The AONB has backed the proposal as they say the impact on the setting would be less than that caused by the poly tunnel, also near to Knackyboy Carn, which was approved in January last year.

They’ve got a number of questions about the proposal though. The transformer near the garden would have to be upgraded to feed in power but the AONB understands that Western Power don’t intend to upgrade the facility. The applicant would have to do this and the AONB want to make sure that Western Power support it.

They are also concerned that the local company making the proposal could sell shares in their venture outside the islands and they are concerned by the loss of agricultural land for the solar panels. They want answers before the planning meeting next week.

The AONB is warning that the cumulative effect of the panels may, at some point in the future, affect the quality and character of the environment. They also recommend that the civil aviation authority should be consulted on the potential impact of the installations on air traffic.

Councillors will decide the fate of all of these solar panel plans when Councillors judge each application individually.