MEP To Question Ban On Traditional Light Bulbs

One of our islands’ MEPs will question the European Union about the 60 watt lightbulb ban.

Julie Girling will ask why the UK has a 100% requirement to follow the EU directive to take the traditional filament bulbs off sale and replace them more energy-efficient versions. It was against the law to sell the old-style bulbs from Thursday.

The Conservative MEP says some migraine suffers claim the new fluorescent bulbs makes their condition worse. Islands

Home Hardware owner Julia Day hears complaints about the bulb ban on a daily basis. Some of her customers dislike any Government-backed action but there is a real concern about cost of energy efficient bulbs and the time they can take to light up. Some people don’t like their stark, white-blue light she says.

Julia says the new bulbs are getting cheaper and you can now get a fake cover for small halogen lights so islanders needn’t put up with the less attractive greener bulbs. She stopped buying 60 watt bulbs soon after the ban was announced and saw some islanders bulk stocks of them.

Western Power’s Ritchie Christopher says the design is getting better. Energy saving by improved efficiency and heat retention using modern materials all has a part to play, he says, and could be far more important than wind farms. But it may take some time before the impact of the ban is noticed.

Julie Girling says she’ll report back on what the EU says in response to her question.