Project Manager Says New School To Open On Schedule

New Five Islands School, due to open in September

The new school will open on schedule on Wednesday but the builders will be working 12-hour shifts to get it ready.

Phil Osmond, the Project Manager from Mace, says he’s proud that the project will be completed 5 weeks early. And he’s pleased that the school and sports hall scheme has kept to the £16m budget.

Phil says some areas will be off limits next week while work continues, particularly the path from Nowhere to the old primary school, but everywhere else will be accessible.

Phil says one of the planning conditions was to improve pedestrian access to the school, although he doesn’t know yet whether that will mean lighting and a better surface on the dump-side path, a track through the watermeadow or pavements alongside the Old Town road.

From Radio Scilly

Phil Osmand of Mace talks about the new school

The building is as futureproof as it can be and is designed to be adapted as new teaching methods or technology are introduced. Phil says there are aspects of the building he’s really proud of, especially the courtyard and amphitheatre, which were added back late in the project and he’s glad they made that decision.

He says the school will impress visitors on approach and has a real “wow factor.”

You’ll be able to look around on Saturday the 10th September between 11 and 3.

Headteacher of the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby says it’ll give a chance for all islanders, with or without kids, to see what a “state of the art” education facility looks like. You’ll be able to see how the project has transformed the site from a bulb field and orchard to a state of the art school and Bryce says, even if you went for a look around a few months ago, you’ll find it looks different now with all the furniture and fittings in place.

The new white interior could get grubby very quickly but Bryce believes they’ve tried to deal with heavy use in the design and the kids will take pride in the building and want to keep it looking good.

Bryce says he’s very pleased with what has been achieved and says we’ve been lucky to be among the last group of schools to receive Government funding before the cuts were introduced. And he goes further, suggesting the school is a beacon for what can happen across the whole country and other schools will look to Scilly for inspiration.