New Owners Take On Westford House B&B

Jo and Alan Holwill

A couple who have never run a guesthouse before have taken over a fully booked B&B at the height of the season.

Joanna and Alan Holwill have taken on Westford House, and Joanna says her research has extended to just watching a few episodes of the accommodation reality show “Three in a Bed’.

But the Holwills have some advantages over other new owners. They both have family connections in the business and Joanna is coming home, having left the islands as a teenager, working at a local guesthouse.

She says its been a long time since she has worked in a guest house but she can call on family members for support – her sisters Angie and Sheila have guesthouses on the islands.

From Radio Scilly

Jo and Alan talk to Radio Scilly about taking on the B&B

Jo says her main reason for taking on the business was to come home but it’s just taken her 20 years to persuade husband Alan to come with her!

And Alan seems to have embraced their new life saying they hope to open through the year with just a bit of time off at Christmas.

Jo says she’s pleased to have been able to return home and it feels strange not to have to leave the island and more.