More Events Added To Inter-Island Walk

Clare Lewis

The organiser of the inter-island low tide walk is adding two more athletic challenges to raise cash for the four good causes, including the RNLI.

Clare Lewis hopes up to 30 swimmers will want to cross from Carn Near to St Mary’s on the day of the walk, the 28th September.

And the next day there’ll be a more exhilarating challenge, requiring running, cycling, kayaking and swimming at various venues on St. Mary’s, St. Martin’s, Tresco and Bryher. Nick Lishman encouraged a small group to try that course last year.

Clare says she wanted to cram in as many events as possible while the safety boats and lifeguards were here.

Clare says the Carn Near to St Mary’s swim could be undertaken in much less than an hour if the entrant is fit and a good swimmer. She’s brought people over to try out the swimming challenges at various times of the year and she feels a September swim is best, close to the Autumn equinox and when the water is warmer.

Clare says she wants to restart an old tradition. There used to be a swim from Tresco to St Mary’s, organised on an informal basis, by the school and she intends the events to be a mini activity festival, which could encourage new visitors and bring cash into our islands’ economy.