Sports And Music Day Expanded With New Events

Mark Twynham

New sports and more bands have been added to a sports and music event planned for St Mary’s on 2nd October.

Now there’ll be 5-a-side football and netball in addition to the options to take part in 5 mile or 25 mile cycle rides, a run or combine both as a duathlon challenge.

The event aims to boost the Adam Mallon Appeal, a local fund that supports the travel costs of islands’ youngsters when they need to cross to the mainland for sports events or training.

The fund once held around £7000 but duathlon organiser, Mark Twynham, says it’s running low, with just under £1000 left.

Entrants for the cycle races will use their own bike, unlike the Tresco triathlon where many people use estate bikes. Mark doesn’t think this will put participants at a disadvantage adding a lot of people have good bikes anyway and the real aim of the day is to raise money for the fund.

Mark says the cyclists will start in batches of four, at one-minute intervals, because our lanes are too narrow to overtake in a larger group. He thinks this might make it more exciting because no one will know who’s winning until all of the time trials are completed.

The music event after the sports will be alcohol-free. Mark says it’ll be a family event and as it is on school premises there wont be a bar, even when the bands are on. Mark doesn’t think this will affect attendance but will lower the takings.

Nearly all the islands’ bands have agreed to play on the Sunday evening but Mark says it would be good to hear from more musicians as some mainland students will have returned and won’t be able to play.