Council Official Rubbishes Cockroach Claims

Waste management site

The Council official responsible for the waste management centre has rubbished claims that the Moorwell dump is overrun with cockroaches.

Neville Gardner told Radio Scilly News yesterday that he is unaware of any new or significant infestation and has issued no instructions for anything other than routine treatment.

Last week, Radio Scilly was contacted by several islanders who believed there was an escalation of the problem on the site.

Neville told us he’s not aware that there’s been any contact with the Town Hall about the pests.


One Response to Council Official Rubbishes Cockroach Claims

  1. Todd Stevens August 31, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    No rat problem-no roach problem- no smell problem- huge mound of rubbish thats been over 10 years in the making- no problem!? Remember the flies that didnt exist either? Who exactly carries responcibility here? Its time for people with new ideas and real drive to sort this problem out because all we have now is RUBBISH!!