Changes Made To Peninnis Lighthouse Beam

The Peninnis lighthouse is still operating but with a reduced range.

Chris Jones, of the Bell Rock Hotel, questioned whether the light was malfunctioning as it appeared covered up and he hasn’t seen the light for over a week.

Trinity House say they’ve reduced the power of the beam’s coverage from 17 nautical miles to 9 miles. They’ve installed an LED light on the balcony which produces a white flash of 1080 candela every 20 seconds.

They say the old optic is now covered because it represents a fire risk

A Trinity House spokeswoman says Peninnis light continues to provide a vital service to mariners and they consider it necessary to keep it operational. The decision to make the changes has followed a review of all of Trinity House operations in 2010 and there was also a user consultation process.

MP Andrew George met with Trinity House officials in Cornwall and says the organisation is committed to the continued maintenance of all the lighthouses around the islands.