Good Year For Islands’ Vet Support Group

It’s been a good summer for the islands’ vet support group.

In three years, they’ve raised £179,000 towards the purpose built vet surgery and accommodation behind Launceston Close.

Chairman Bill Wilson says they’ve worked hard for the cash in 2011 and the group owes just £11,000. He says they should have paid off the surgery build cost by next year and so they’ll need to raise less cash, just enough to replace kit and cover basic running costs.

Bill says the group have also been asked to buy a digital x-ray machine so islands’ vet, Heike Dorn, can send images back to the mainland electronically for a second opinion instantly. They also need a small post-operative care cage for cats.

At yesterday’s Rotary Fun Day, the fundraisers managed to sell eight of their 2011 calendars with just four months left in the year. Bill says it shows the level of support for the cause, but the calendar is a one off and Bill says he likes the challenge of developing new ideas for future fundraising.

One area of growth has been the membership scheme. Support has grown on the islands with 180 households signing up for the £10 annual donation. Around one-third of those supporters are on the mainland.