Five Construction Staff Sacked After Vandalism Incidents

The Atlantic Inn

Five staff employed on the new school build have been sacked after vandalising a pub, a boat and a bike with graffiti of male genitalia on Friday night.

The men damaged cutlery, mirrors and menus along with a canopy at the Atlantic Inn and also drew an image on Keith Buchanan’s boat. That was removed successfully.

The men also allegedly soiled bedding and let off a fire extinguisher at their accommodation.

Finding one of the graffiti culprits wasn’t too hard – one of the men wrote his mobile number on a barmaid’s hand.

Management at construction company, Kier, say they immediately dealt with the issues as per their normal procedures by sending the offenders back to the mainland, and added, “We have been in touch with the owners of the premises that were affected and will reimburse costs.“

The fired workers have been fined £1000 of wages.

Bryan Trethewy of Kier says the decision as to where the penalty money will be allocated will be made the Council. He says all workers on site are fully aware of our procedures in dealing with incidents that arise on the island.


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