New Bike Hire Owner Offering Free Roadworthiness Checks

Mark Prebble at the Bike Shop yesterday

The new owner of St Mary’s Bike Hire is offering to check youngsters’ bikes for roadworthiness and fix any minor problems for free.

Mark Prebble says he’s seen some cycles that appear unsafe – youngsters will be cycling down the Old Town Hill to their new school so brakes and steering may need attention.

There’s no charge but Mark admits he is getting something out of it. He’s just taken over the business and he says he hopes he’ll get to know a lot more people as parents respond to the offer.

Children’s bikes can be taken for inspection from tomorrow to the shop on the Strand.


Mark say there are some sign that a bike needs some care, such as rubbing noises or squeaky brakes, wobbly wheels and bald patches on tyres.

Mark says some riders might take maintenance for granted and says a “well maintained bike gives a happy ride.”