Coastguard Warns Of Dangers Of Crossing Gugh Bar

The sandbar looking out towards Gugh

A member of the St Mary’s coastguard team is warning of the dangers of attempting to cross the bar between Gugh and St Agnes once it is covered, after a young girl got into trouble yesterday.

Todd Stevens says a family with two small children attempted to get across the sands at 4.00pm yesterday but one of the children lost her footing and was swept away.

A male in her party swam out to her but he struggled to swim against the current to get them both back on track.

Todd shouted to them not to fight the current, which was strong on building spring tides. He told them to let the tide take them and they swam to the nearby shore.

Todd says people do not realise just how dangerous this bar can be and must give themselves plenty of time to get back to St Agnes before it is covered by water.

And Todd says there was no mobile coverage there yesterday so anyone watching people in trouble would find it hard contacting the emergency services quickly.