Youngsters Learn Water Safety On Summer Course

Tess Lloyd

A summer long programme of water-based sports events has been fun for the youngsters who took part and it’s increased the kids’ awareness of how to stay safe in the sea, according to organiser Tess Lloyd.

During the eight sessions, kids have been taught kayaking, windsurfing and paddle boarding and finished with an ironman challenge yesterday.

And Tess says the kids have learned about water safety as they developed other water sports skills, adding that the islands’ youngsters are comfortable with the sea but its important they understand its dangers.

She says the best way to teach youngsters is by offering activities they enjoy.

And the youngsters we spoke to had certainly enjoyed the course. Sophie says she liked the windsurfing and wants to carry on with the sport after the course ends while Zachary, Yaz and Tiger said they’d learnt important safety skills like how to signal for help on land, understanding the dangers of tides and always wearing a lifejacket when on the water.

All the kids agreed that they’ll also be more aware and know what to do if they see people getting into trouble on the water.

163 of the 193 spaces offered were filled during the course and Tess says it will be run again next year.