Council To Address Decrease in Air Passenger Numbers

St Mary's Airport

The Council is advertising for an expert to help them address the year-on-year decrease in passenger numbers through the airport.

In 2002 there were 144,000 people coming to St Mary’s by air. Last year that number had fallen to 114,000.

They’re trying to find a consultant who can advise on how the terminal building could be improved and how navigation aids could be enhanced to stop disruption when there’s low cloud, crosswinds or a wet surface.

Council staff hope to find an expert who can advise on whether it is possible to designate our link a public service obligation route. That could mean a state subsidy and reduced fares for locals similar to the Scottish islands’ services.

The finished report should suggest how to improve the customer experience and improve resilience as well as meet with future regulations.

Applicants have until 7th October to come forward.


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