Annual 6-a-Side Football Tournament On Sunday

The annual 6-a-side football tournament takes place on the Garrison this Sunday at 1pm.

The event will accommodate up to 8 teams, with players 14 years of age or older. Everyone will get at least 3 games.

Two island cafes played each other in the final last year, with the Old Town Cafe beating Carn Vean 1-0.

Organiser, Howard Cole says the 6-a-side tournament is an islands tradition now. It used to be played at Easter weekend then got shifted to later in the year.

He says it’s a fun event but, even so, teams can be quite competitive and many of the teams are based around workplaces or groups of friends, including teams from the Galley, Co-op, the airport and the off-islands.

Howard says some mainland 6-a-side events have lots of rule changes. Here they have kept things simple, with the only change being an automatic penalty for the goalie handling the ball outside the area.