Singer Songwriter Returns To Scilly For Performances

Paul Edwards (left) and band member Robin Tudor

A singer-songwriter who honed his craft on the beaches of St Mary’s, when he was here as a young man working in hotels and the flower industry in the 1970s, is back for the performance of this latest work at the Town Hall on Thursday night.

Paul Edwards started music sessions in Scilly four years ago after a long break. He says he’s looking forward to his Thursday night gig because since he’s restarted his island appearances, he has developed quite a following for his positive folk music and acoustic performances.

From Radio Scilly

Hear Paul Edwards talk about his music

Paul performs a track entitled “The Mention of Her Name”

He first came here in 1975 as a break from his exams, and decided to stay for another three years, although he says his parents tried hard to persuade him to come home and finish his exams.

He used to play at the weekly folk club, where a visiting musician, John Golding, heard him play and signed him up for two vinyl records. He’s developed a lot musically since those early days and says he cringes when he hears the albums now.

Paul says his music is heavily influenced by Scilly and back in the 70’s the islands had a slight hippy feel, with a strong evening beach-party culture, which came across in his music from that time. He says he writes ‘positive’ songs and finds it hard to write angry, protest music.

And it’s not the first he’s played the Town Hall. He played there in the autumn of 1976 and the tickets cost 30p – he raised enough money to pay for his trip back to Birmingham that Christmas!