Tourism Staff Say Visitors Upset About Facebook Comments

Tourist Information Centre in Hugh Town

Our Tourist Information Centre has asked locals to think about what they are posting in comments on Facebook.

Sophie Hughes of the TIC says unhappy visitors have complained about what they have read on islander’s profiles and discussions online. She says she doesn’t want visitors who use social media to get the impression that Scilly is unfriendly or ungrateful, as this could put people off coming.

Sophie says witty observations are one thing, but says she’s concerned with some of the vindictive and nasty comments against visitors and local businesses that have appeared on social networking sites.

And she’s reminded people that more and more of our visitors check out discussions linked to the islands.

Online chats that point out the daft things people unfamiliar with the islands have done, or comments about not being able to wait until the season ends, may have been posted in jest but Sophie says some could be read the wrong way. One entry made by an island’s business could be viewed as racist she says.

Sophie says she would hope people connected with tourism would act responsibly and not add comments to discussions that may be viewed as negative or could damage our economy. And in particular, she’s surprised at the comments from local business people with strong opinions, which could affect their own businesses.


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