St Mary’s Hall Hotel Leading Way In Sustainability

A drive to be greener and more sustainable may have saved St Mary’s Hall Hotel from the risk of a major fire.

Manager Joan Shiles says they only realised that old wiring was damp and capable of causing a blaze when a new energy consumption monitoring system was installed. The equipment will help the hotel monitor consumption of electricity, LPG gas and water, so next year, savings can be benchmarked against current levels.

Joan was shocked to discover that the hotel was consuming 13 kWh overnight. By turning off unnecessary appliances they have saved 2.5kWh.

Being green is a commitment to the Sustainable Restaurant Association and a personal goal of owner Clifford Freeman.

“Hippo” gadgets, which reduce the amount of water required to flush the loo, have been installed and water reduction valves will be fitted to their power showers.

Joan says she offered the Council the chance to add the measurement kit to the hotel water meter but she’s disappointed they’ve declined that offer.

She’d like the Town Hall to use the hotel as a pilot for greater efficiency.

The system made by Tektronix has another benefit. Every fridge and the cold room is monitored and alarms sound if readings change.

From next year, guests will be able to monitor how much energy or water is being used at a screen on reception and they can be accessed anywhere online.

Joan says the system will give staff a handle on running costs and help employees and guests understand their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.