Senior Councillors Visit Incinerator Following Complaints

Senior Councillors have been on a ‘spot check’ visit to the incinerator following complaints from local residents.

Chair of Council Mike Hicks and Vice-Chair Marian Bennett went to see facilities yesterday.

Euan Rodger, whose home overlooks the refuse site, says it’s unfortunate that the smell should be so strong at this time of year. He had to close doors and windows yesterday when it became too much. And he says other neighbours in the Pilots Retreat area have also complained.

Marian agrees this is the worst months of the year for a breakdown.

Neville Gardner, the Council’s Chief technical Officer, says he’s hopeful that the incinerator can be back in action by mid-week. It’s been out of operation for over three weeks following a problem with the fan which is now fixed.

Marian told us that the fragmenter is in working order after a short blip a fortnight ago, and has been assured that glass crushing continues to fulfil any demand for its use in aggregate, and that the food digester is working.

Some waste from July and August has been stored at the waste management site and Neville says that the waste material has been sprayed periodically with an odour control agent.

Marian says Councillors will be monitoring the situation as the incinerator is restored to full operation. She adds that waste disposal and recycling is a major challenge on all five islands.

She commended the men at the site for ‘working under such conditions’ particularly as the incinerator has been out of action for a month.