Organiser of Duathlon Event Thinks It Could Prove Very Popular

Mark Twynham

The organiser of the upcoming duathlon event on 2nd October believes there’ll be so many entrants for the biking circuits he’ll have to stagger the start times.

Mark Twynham says they may need to start at 2-minute intervals and time competitors around the circuit, rather than sending everyone off at the same time. And they may need to go for a road closure – they’ll talk to police about that, but there’ll need to be some planning because of the number of cyclists.

Mark says signup forms will be available this week for islanders who want to cycle around the 5 mile figure-of-eight circuit, to boost funds for the Adam Mallon Sports Fund.

If you want to be part of it, but don’t feel up to the physical challenge of the cycle or run, Mark says they’re also looking for people to volunteer as safety marshals on the route. H told us he hopes that the PTA will get involved and local bands are being arranged by Dom Wild.

Organising the event has brought a little more work than had been expected because, although headteacher Bryce Wilby gave permission for the use of the school site, as it’s on a Sunday and some activities will take place on the MUGA, Mark has had to request Council permission.