No More Elective Caesareans At Treliske Hospital

Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske. Photo © Copyright Tony Atkin and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence

A new NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly policy has graded elective Caesarean sections for non-clinical reasons as low priority and they won’t be funded by our local NHS.

This means that if you’re sent to the mainland to give birth, you won’t be able to have one unless it’s felt necessary by clinicians.

A committee passed the decision on 7th June and this won’t be reviewed unless the NICE agency says so.

It was this time last year when the Prime Minister’s wife Samantha Cameron gave birth at the Royal Cornwall to a daughter Florence after undergoing a C-section. The birth method has been favoured by celebrities who have earned them the label in the Daily Mail newspaper of “mums that are too posh to push.”

Caesarean sections are on average £800 more expensive than a traditional birth.


2 Responses to No More Elective Caesareans At Treliske Hospital

  1. Linda August 23, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Common sense and instinct told me I would not be able to give birth “naturally”: Scan showed amniotic fluid had gone; baby was very big; baby was not engaging and no signs of labour were showing at all, a week over due date. The doctors wanted to induce me. I asked them how easily they thought baby would come out with no amniotic fluid ? I reminded them of my age. They said “Oh, yes, but you must be induced”. Again, I asked how they thought the birth would be and was it wise to force me and baby to go through this? The obstetrician came to see me and we had the whole discussion again. Then they agreed to C Section. My baby was 10lb 5oz and his head was big. As three of the midwives told me straight after, the baby’s head was far too big to descend and “What a good job you insisted on a C Section!”. My C Section was elective officially. Had I done as I was told, my baby and I would have gone into distress, baby may even have died or been brain damaged. Many many children in the uK are born brain damaged from lack of oxygen (distress) during birth. What is £800 to bring a healthy baby into the world compared to the cost of caring for a brain damaged child? While I was in hospital with my lovely baby son, I saw 4 other women having to go through the ordeal of being induced and two ended up with emergency C sections – one of them a 17yr old girl who had been allowed to go through DAYS of labour – her baby had the cord wrapped around his throat and they only just managed to save him. The poor girl was exhausted and traumatised. I think it’s disgusting that women are treated in this way in the UK. It is quite horrible.

  2. Jennifer August 23, 2011 at 1:32 am

    Quite right too, stupid women who are more concerned about possible scars than they are about giving birth in the way millions have for centuries. Get over yourselves and get real, a caesarian should not be a glamour choice but only given when necessary, regardless of the cost savings.