Telephone Outage Hits St Martin’s Again

For the third time this summer, some businesses and homes on St Martin’s have been without a telephone service.

Lines to a number of properties went dead on Wednesday evening and that created some challenges for the island’s businesses. The card reader at the Seven Stones Inn wouldn’t connect meaning that locals and visitors waiting for food or the live music gig by visiting band Klick had to rely on cash not plastic.

Shoppers at St Martin’s post office also found they couldn’t pay with their debit cards when the system failed.

Broadband was unaffected.

The fault in the St Mary’s exchange was rectified at around 4.00pm yesterday afternoon.

At the start of June, Scilly’s Member of Parliament, Andrew George, said that BT should “pull it’s finger out” after islanders were left without the ability to make phone calls when the system failed.

But BT’s Stuart Moore says 99.9% of phone lines on the island are working for 99.9% of the time and if you compare the occasional outages that BT experience to the electrical outages you’ll find that BT’s level of service is more reliable throughout the year.

He went on to say that, “when you consider we live on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, 28 miles off the mainland, the level of service that we as a company provide to the people of these islands is second to none.”