Police Called To Alleged Assault In Hugh Town

Police were called to an incident involving several local males and three non-local men outside a Hugh Town shop at 11.35pm last night

A verbal altercation took place, which led to a violent confrontation during which it is alleged that a glass was smashed on the head of a local male.

Police were on the scene very quickly and a male was arrested on suspicion of assault.  He has now been released on bail to attend the police station in Camborne at a later date to enable enquiries to be completed on the islands.

This is the latest in a serious of alleged thefts and assaults that have taken place over the past week and Sergeant Charlie Craig of St Mary’s Police say they have now decided to increase staffing levels on a temporary basis this weekend.

There will be more police on duty during the late hours and Charlie has requested that concerned residents contact them if they think there is going to be any trouble.


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