Lifeboat Launched To Help Fastnet Race Yacht

The damaged yacht Malice (right) at St Mary's Quay

The St Mary’s lifeboat, The Whiteheads, was launched under the command of Stuart Hitchens just after 1.00pm yesterday to go to the aid of the Malice, a Fastnet Race yacht.

The crew of two had difficulties in steering after the boat sustained rudder damage. They manage to control her temporarily and had intended to get to a mainland port but the wind freshened and they contacted Falmouth Coastguard to say that she was becoming unmanageable.

She can’t run aground because she has a single fin keel.

The lifeboat crew arrived alongside 4 miles west of southwest of Bishop Rock at 1.45pm and towed her around to St Mary’s.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark said she’ll be refuelled and the damage will be inspected during the day today. The crew wanted their yacht lifted out of the water for inspection but that’s not an option here so she may seek a commercial tow to Falmouth for repairs.