Lifeboat On Standby To Tow Damaged Fastnet Yacht

St Mary's lifeboat station

The St Mary’s lifeboat may be asked to tow a Fastnet Race participant into St Mary’s later.

Falmouth Coastguard say 35ft yacht abandoned the challenge 30 miles north-west of us after suffering steering failure.

They called for help 2.45am and are not in danger as they have created a temporary steering system.

Falmouth coastguard say that if the lifeboat is asked to launch it would probably be during the early evening.

The crew of another yacht, to the south of us, have been patched through to the Coastguard’s medical advisors at Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth after a woman fell over on board a number of times.

She has badly bruised her back and passed out. The yacht has diverted to Newlyn.