Holy Vale Planning Application Fast-Tracked Through Committee

Council Chambers at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

The Council Planning Committee has approved redevelopment work on the Holy Vale farmhouse.

The owners now have permission granted to demolish the existing single storey, flat roofed sunroom and replace it with a two-floor extension with a pitched roof. The new roof will have a natural slate covering.

Sibley’s wrote to say that the building needed work as it had been unoccupied for two years and was structurally poor with rotten floors and a leaking flat roof.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden felt the work would be for the better as the extension was unsightly.

Unusually, the application was discussed before the closing date for feedback from the community has passed.

Councillor Christine Savill was concerned that by rushing the application through they could be starting a precedent.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said he had targets to meet to deal with applications within 8 weeks and fast tracking this for the committee to vote on helped that.

If there were objections they’d have to deal with them in a later meeting.