Police Investigate Criminal Damage On Tresco

New Grimsby, Tresco

St Mary’s police are investigating incidents of criminal damage on Tresco, which they think took place on Saturday.

Officers visited yesterday after reports that two tyres on a vehicle used by the heliport were slashed and a golf buggy used by an estate worker was also vandalised in a similar way.

A barn was also broken into, a tin of varnish was bashed open and poured all over a desk.


One Response to Police Investigate Criminal Damage On Tresco

  1. kevin hughes August 16, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    good god its now not just bryher that was visted by these mindless person or people. What do they get out of doing such things? With boat times etc I hope it will be easy for the police to track down the person or persons that has been doing this. Has there not been enough damage to this country in the last week, with out mindless damage and theft coming to the scillys.