AONB Funds Night Vision Equipment For Bat Group

Volunteers will be able to search for bats in Scilly in complete darkness next year thanks to a grant of just under £1600 from the AONB.

Ann Gurr of the Scilly Bat Group says they hope to buy a night vision scope so they can track down the brown long-eared bats.

The species hadn’t been seen on the islands for about 40 years but found roosts on the Garrison and at Holy Vale this year.

A project earlier this year brought over a placement student from the University of Exeter to help record bat movements using a micro transmitter attached to them.

Ann says the money will also be spent on kit that can record the bat sounds, which can help indentify the species.

She says the group has grown in popularity as a result of the work they have been undertaking with around 30 regular members now.