Bryher Residents Stunned By Thefts And Vandalism

Bryher Community Centre

Residents of Bryher are said to be stunned and saddened after multiple incidents of theft and mindless vandalism on the island on Saturday morning.

The collection box at the All Saints church was broken open and emptied, games and equipment were strewn all over the Community Centre floor and some goods for sale on honesty box stalls were also damaged.

Five Blackberry phones and an iPad were also stolen from a charging point in an islanders’ porch, a facility that has been offered for years, and, as few people would know about this, there are concerns that whoever carried out the crime knows the island well.

One of the visitors who lost their phone contacted Vodafone who said it had been used at around 11.45am on Saturday morning and this information has been passed onto the Police.

Bryher resident, Kathy Stedeford, said both islanders and visitors are upset because they like being relaxed and not having to be on their guard.

An islander also told us that if islanders found out who did this, their chances of making it into Police custody would be slim.

But visitors, shocked by the incident, are now offering their support. Two guests at a local B&B left a donation of £10 on hearing about the theft at the church and the owner of the B&B told us “this kind act helps restore a little faith in humankind, does it not?”

Police enquires are continuing.


2 Responses to Bryher Residents Stunned By Thefts And Vandalism

  1. agm72 August 26, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Shocked that this happend on scillys,remember going there and seeing charity boxes hanging off peoples garden gates,sad fact is most other places in uk the money would dissapear quickly,lets hope scilly doesnt go the same way,definately no chance of riots happening there!

  2. kevin hughes August 16, 2011 at 10:28 am

    How sick, the last place on earth you would think this would happen. What a low life, to take the wonderfull people of Bryhers trust and trash it in this way.
    We stay at the cottage nr the church ever year and its the one place you really feel safe and away from crime. But nohing will ever change the way the people of Bryher and the scillys are, this one hopes is a one off, thats been done by someone that will never set foot on the islands again, part from going to the court house!
    I ask everyone that loves this little island and its church to sent a small amount to help fix the collection box and replace the money that good people had put in it. I am so sorry for the people that have had things taken, & hope they know this is not the sort of thing that happens on theses wonderfull islands.