New Travel Cancellation Procedures Tested

A newly agreed procedure, where travel operators make the decision on whether they are likely to fly again earlier in the afternoon, was tested yesterday.

As the weather closed in, the Emergency Planning team was were tipped off that they would need to find accommodation for around 60 visitors who otherwise would have been stuck with nowhere to go.

There were only 90 spaces on board the 600 capacity Scillonian III and those were quickly snapped up. Some visitors offered the option of the sea passage back to the mainland declined.

Tourist Information Centre staff rang around accommodation providers but most were full. One accommodation provider was tracked down in the hairdressers and was able to take in a stranded couple with a baby.

Using the School boarding house wasn’t an option and there were concerns that the Council would have to open up the Carn Thomas or the secondary school hall to accommodate people, requiring Council officers to spend the night there too.

In the end though, everybody was found a bed space by the Council or the travel operators by 6.15pm.