Last Performance In Scilly For Shakespeare Company

Chaplaincy Gardens, St Mary's

It’s the end of the road for a touring Shakespeare theatre company this weekend with their last ever performances in Scilly.

Theatre Setup has been coming to the islands since 1980 when they started putting on productions at the Chaplaincy gardens. They now play in 35 venues across seven countries and have performed in Tresco since the 80s too.

Founder Wendy McFee is retiring, but the show will go on – the props and tour dates have been handed over to a new company, Festival Players.

Wendy says she first discovered Scilly when visiting friends and thought Tresco Abbey Gardens would be the perfect setting for an outdoor Shakespeare performance – and they’ve been playing in the same spot every year for over 30 years.

She told us it would be difficult to find such magnificent backdrops on Tresco and St Mary’s anywhere else on their tour, and they get a bigger crowd here than in Birmingham!

Coming over to Scilly by boat is a challenge though – in fact, the production at all 35 venues is based around the ability to get the scenery and props down the steps of St Mary’s Quay.

And she added that the best journey on their whole tour is the trip back from Tresco to St Mary’s following their evening performance.

Their performance of Much Ado About Nothing will take place this evening (Sat) in the St Mary’s Chaplaincy gardens at 8pm and tomorrow night at 6pm at Tesco’s Abbey Gardens.