Scilly’s New Police Sergeant Visits For Handover

New Police Sergeant, Colin Taylor

Scilly’s new Police Sergeant was on St Mary’s yesterday for a handover briefing by outgoing officer, Charlie Craig.

Colin Taylor worked as a PC here in 1998 and 1999 and will return to the islands as senior officer and with a wife and family.

He hopes to be in post by the start of the school year on September 7th.

Colin says things are different since 1999 in policing on the islands, with a greater emphasis on working with the community and the Council to decide what is a priority.

Colin attended the Community Safety Partnership meeting yesterday – that brings together the 999 services and the Council – and he says that gave him an overview on the current areas of concern, including speeding, noise and fouling by dogs.

Colin says he’s looking forward to coming back to Scilly with his family, and told us it was great to walk up Hugh St and meet people that he knew from his previous time here.