Police Warning About Late Night Noise

Police are warning people to keep the noise down at night following an increase in complaints on St Mary’s.

And Sergeant Charlie Craig confirmed that two men have been placed on so-called anti-social behaviour contracts with the police as a result of noise and disturbance. He says these are used as a first step by the police in trying to modify antisocial behaviour but could eventually lead to an ASBO if the problem persists.

Charlie says late-night noise had previously been drowngraded as a priority for the local force, but the large increase in complaints over the past few weeks means they will now be taking a more active role in tackling the issue.

He added that complaints have come in from across St Mary’s, and not just Hugh Town, and says the issue affects both residents and visitors who, he says, don’t want to pay good money to visit Scilly, only to be woken in the middle of the night.

There have been incidents of beach parties recently causing disturbance at Porth Minick and Little Porth as well as complaints about noise as people move between the pubs and the disco at the weekend.

Charlie says with staff leave it’s difficult for the police to maintain late shifts throughout the week due to staff leave, but they’ll certainly be out late at the weekend.