Garage Sale To Raise Funds For Borneo Volunteer Trip

Rory Townsend

A garage sale of golf items, bicycles, vinyl records and other personal effects should go some of the way to raising the £3500 needed to fund a volunteering trip to live and work with the rural Sabahan community in Borneo.

Peggy and Norman Discombe have opened up their garage on Jackson’s Hill to help pay for a month of working overseas for their grandson, Rory Townsend.

Rory says the trip is intended to help the local community. He’ll be involved in digging wells and building a primary school as well as teaching the youngsters English.

There’ll also be a chance for him to experience life in the jungle.

Rory says he doesn’t think the garage sale will raise all of the money needed to fund the trip but says it will help a lot and is grateful for the support of his grandparents.