Staff Structure Agreed For New School Base

New Five Islands School, due to open in September

The new school term will not only bring a new school building for St Mary’s pupils and staff, but also the introduction of a new staffing and management structure.

The new management structure will treat the school as a whole, instead of splitting out primary and secondary management functions and it means there won’t be duplication in some roles.

However, the plan to streamline senior roles has been controversial and unions have been involved with discussions. Some staff members have felt their roles have been downgraded and claim that they have lost thousands of pounds in salary changes.

Headteacher, Bryce Wilby, says the consultation was extended several times and he admits that some staff have found the process difficult and emotional. But he maintains that the best time to make these changes is when the new school move takes place.

There will be three senior leadership teams looking after ‘assessment for learning’, ‘behaviours for learning’ and ‘curriculum for learning’. Under this top team there’ll be a ‘learning management’ team that will support all of the teaching staff.

Bryce says there are a number of reasons for the reorganisation – and saving some money on budgets is a consideration – but there have been no redundancies and no teaching positions have been lost. He adds that the new structure is more streamlined and addresses the concerns of many staff that the organisation was ‘top heavy.’

Bryce says importantly, staff won’t be taken away from teaching with the new management structure, even those in senior roles and everyone is excited to be moving into the new building.