Exhibition Showcases Work Of the Late Humfrey Wakefield

Helena Wakefield in front of some of Humfrey's work

A showcase of art created by the late Humfrey Wakefield is on display at his Garrison studio this week.

The exhibition presents a selection of his pieces from 50 years as a potter on the islands.

We spoke to his wife, Helena, who told us Humfrey was inspired by shapes seen in the islands and by Greek classical style. She says this week offered the first occasion for all of his family, including his two children who live in the US, to be in Scilly together.

Helena says the event is designed to showcase Humfrey’s diverse work and includes pottery finished with a distinctive red glaze made from local clay found on St Martin’s.

And Humfrey’s work is on display outside many homes on St Mary’s – the decorative tile house signs were created by Humfrey and Helena working together.

Helena says Humphrey was a pioneer in starting a pottery on the islands before tourism really developed in the mid 50s.

You can visit the exhibition each weekday morning until Friday from 9am to 12noon or evenings between 5pm and 7pm.