Council Explains £1100 Star Castle Hotel Bill

The Council’s Director of Community Services has been explaining why the Town Hall appears to have spent over £1100 in the Star Castle in one month.

Penny Penn Howard has answered criticism from a Radio Scilly listener over the payments listed in their online accounts, after a freedom of information request.

Penny says some of the bills were for meals when the Chief Executive or Chairman had to entertain an official from an external agency or, in one case, one of our MEPs.

The rest of the payments refer to accommodation for people who have come on Council business and need to stay overnight.

Penny says she does check every bill and the Council regularly use cheaper restaurants. Staffs have an accommodation availability list and are encouraged to use it.

In May and June, the period these payments relate to, all other accommodation was full because the new school builders had taken it or because rooms were taken because of the Royal visit.

Any transactions over £500 made by the Authority now need to appear on the web.



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