Fund Set Up To Help Islanders Receive Vocational Training

£60,000 will be used to help islands’ businesses get training to help them become more competitive.

From September, businesses will be able to get up to 50% of the costs associated with accessing training, which could be delivered here or on the mainland.

Jo Evans of Lifelong Learning says islands’ businesses that employ up to ten people could be eligible and she’s promising a straightforward process that will be light on paperwork.

Jo says her team has received numerous requests for vocational training, including ocean diving, scaffold training and bakery courses. They have not been able to support these through existing funding programmes because they can only deliver level 2 or 3 qualifications from an approved list.

Some training could be specialist but some sessions may be arranged for groups because they are of wider interest. Marketing skills would be an example.

There will be some rules and restrictions and they can’t fund anything that is a legal responsibility, like health and safety training. Anyone accessing the funding will also have to promise to stay in Scilly for at least two years or they’ll have to return some of the costs.

The scheme should continue until 2013 when the Local Action Group programme ends.