AONB Awards Grant To Island Carriers For Electric Vehicle

A local haulier could be getting the first electric powered delivery vehicle in Scilly.

The Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty panel has awarded £4500 toward the purchase price of a greener van to Island Carriers.

This doesn’t cover the full cost and purchase of the vehicle will depend on an application made to another grant scheme.

Lou Knapman from Island Carriers told us that the company has spoken to hauliers using similar Ford vehicles in London and Plymouth and they’ve been impressed.

If purchased it would offer them a cleaner, quieter and cheaper option than vehicles needing diesel or petrol.

AONB officer, Trevor Kirk, says they’re viewing this first commercial project as a “pathfinder” initiative, leading the way in the use of electric vehicles on the islands. However, he cautioned that other businesses should not expect similar projects to be funded in the future.

The vehicle must be powered by 100% renewable energy as a condition of the funding, and Trevor says the problems experienced by the electric Buzza bus didn’t put them off funding this project.