Council Presented With King James Bible To Mark 400th Anniversary

Steve Wild hands over the Bible to Council Chairman, Mike Hicks

A King James authorised version of the Bible has been formally presented to the Council by the senior Methodist in Scilly and Cornwall.

On Saturday, Stephen Wild handed Council Chairman Mike Hicks an inscribed copy to mark the 400th anniversary of the completion of the edition.

The occasion marks the end of a week–long display of islanders’ bibles. Over 30 books, many held in families for generations, have been on show at the Manse.

Steve Wild says the version handed to the Council is a very beautiful copy and he felt that the ceremony re-enacted the arrival of the first bible in Scilly.

An old family bible on display at the Manse

He says the authorised version is still popular with some people and the bible in use today is based on this version, although he says the spelling might be unfamiliar to modern readers.

For the Manse exhibition, Lisbet Jackman loaned the Duxbury family bible, which is traced back to the James Hargreaves who invented the Spinning Jenny in Lancashire and 1764.

Angela Jenkins’ family bible also went on show. It was presented to Wesby and Elizabeth Jenkins in 1889. And Clive Mumford offered the Thomson bible which was given to John Thompson and Sarah Ann Williams by her mother in 1838.

Mike Hicks says the Council will look for somewhere to put the donated book on permanent display.