Annual Round-The-Island Sailing Race Tomorrow

It’s the annual Round-the-Island sailing race tomorrow.

The race is open to all vessels able to complete the course under sail and goes clockwise around St Mary’s, finishing at Porth Conger, St.Agnes.

But organisers from the Isles of Scilly Sailing Club are keeping an eye on the forecast to see if it can go ahead. Last year they had 75 entrants but only 35 finished because of the poor weather. When conditions are good, they’ve had up to 90 participants.

The race is limited to 5 hours but can be complete in 90 minutes if the winds are favourable.

Mark Underwood says it’s been a popular race with locals but they also get a few visitors taking part too. The race is held in clockwise motion – it was previously tried in the other direction but that didn’t work out due tides.

The final positions are awarded based on a complex, handicap scoring system which makes it fair for boats of different types and sizes to take part.


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