Sea Kayak Training Being Offered

Clare Lewis

Islanders who want to experience sea kayaking are being offered free training on Thursday, 11th August at Porthmellon.

A mainland company is in Scilly to give islanders a chance to hone or learn essential skills.

Clare Lewis is liaising with the organisers and says that they’ll put on the course if at least three people call ahead to say they‘re interested.

Clare says it’s important to learn how to handle a kayak in sea conditions. Many people may have tried kayaks on lake-based adventure courses but extra skills are needed to stay safe in the waters around Scilly.

She says people shouldn’t just get in a kayak and set off – there are some important skills that people need to learn, such as navigation and understanding tides, as well as what to do in an emergency.

Clare says kayaking has grown in popularity in the islands over the last few years and the training session could give people a taster of the sport.

A kayak club will run on Thursday nights after the training.