Mixed Response To Porthloo Boat Park Proposals

There’s been a mixed response to Duchy of Cornwall plans to tidy up the boat park at Porthloo and build a solid slipway.

A dozen local residents and boat owners attended a public meeting with the harbourmaster Dale Clark and the Duchy’s Adrian Smith at Peter Martin’s boat shed yesterday.

There’s concern that the surface is in a poor state and regularly floods. It’s also difficult to get boats ashore there and many are delivered by road.

Dale Clark says they could reduce the number of trucks using the lane if boats could use a slipway. The new proposal would include fixed electricity points so cables don’t have to run across the path when outdoor work is underway.

The boat park would be closed off with only one access road and walkers would be channelled along the top of the Porthloo beach with a small hedge guiding the direction of travel – wooden stakes have been placed to mark out the proposed edge of the enclosed area.

The triangular grass area opposite numbers 1 to 4 of Porthloo Terrace would be used just for overspill parking and Adrian Smith suggested that the space could be used by the community.

Craig Dryden meets concerned residents

Residents didn’t want a planned hedge marking this area as it would block their views so that was dropped from the plans during yesterday’s discussions.

And some attendees said the work wasn’t necessary. Some people wanted smaller boats moved off the boat park and it was said that some farmers would be happy to accommodate them in unused fields.

The biggest area of contention was the time line for the building work. The Duchy feels its a summer job because it would be hard to build a slipway in winter weather. But residents with guesthouses feel that will affect trade and one islander demanded compensation for any disturbance caused by noise or arc lighting.

Adrian explained that the project would follow a management plan and Craig Dryden said there would be restrictions on working time should the proposal gain planning consent in the October meeting.

Adrian then proposed the shoulder period of March or September for the work but that didn’t appease all objectors.

A request for a public loo was much better received as some residents have had people use their facilities without permission. Craig Dryden felt a toilet would make sense. Adrian Smith said they’d look into including one for people using the boat park rather than the general public.

Consultation will continue but before the ideas go before planners, the scheme needs funding. Craig Dryden confirmed that the Council’s Economic Development team were trying to source European cash.



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