Bryher Gig Shed Receives £4500 funding For Extension

The Isles Of Scilly Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty grants panel has awarded £4500 to enhance the Sussex gig shed on Bryher.

The Sussex gig shed on Bryher

The extension to the gig shed will allow the gig to be displayed together with interpretation material for visitors.

Tresco and Bryher Rowing Club took over the lease of the Sussex gig shed in 2010 after launching their new gig, the ‘Alfie Jenkins’, as their existing gig shed on Tresco is only large enough to accommodate three gigs.

The Sussex gig shed has since been used to temporarily accommodate the ‘Emperor’ and ‘Men-A-Vaur’ gigs but it’s not long enough to accommodate the Alfie Jenkins, therefore an extension is required.

It was also considered t beneficial to incorporate interpretation boards regarding the history of gigs and gig racing on Scilly, especially referencing the ‘Czar’, Tresco & Bryher Rowing Club’s flagship gig built in 1879, which would provide an added attraction for visitors.